Go vegan

for Elton, for his mother, for your health and for the planet

Dairy means a cruel cycle of artificial insemination, difficult labour, and separations of mothers from their babies.

Most of us were raised believing that dairy was obtained from happy, grass-fed cows, who produce milk all of the time and like to be milked.

The truth is that cows, like all mammals, only lactate when they have given birth to a baby.  If they are to provide milk for humans, they go through a 9-month pregnancy, labour and then they have their babies taken away from them.

As part of this process, male calves are considered a by-product and killed shortly after birth or sold as veal calves in the meat industry.

Females face the same short tormented lives as their mothers – a life filled with pain, stress, repeated insemination, birth and separation, only to be slaughtered for low-grade meat when their milk production is no longer profitable, and their bodies are exhausted.

This is usually after 5 years, just one-fifth of their natural lifespan.

This level of exploitation and cruelty aside, dairy farming is a significant  contributor to climate change, indeed  the United Nations and the World Health Authority have both cited a global shift towards a vegan diet as vital to save the world from hunger, fuel poverty, and the worst impacts of climate change. But don’t take our word for it, the evidence is all there online if you still need convincing.

Dairy cow lives up to 5 years.

Her lifespan is 20.

She lives inside a dark shed

for 6 month per every year.


month is the age when the first artificial insemination happens.

Go vegan.

Here are some resources to get you started:

Mentoring programs


Try going vegan for a month, with support all year round.

Challenge 22

Try going vegan for 22 days in a small friendly group, with the support of a mentor and qualified dieticians.

Vegan Kit

Lots of resources, recipes and guidance.


Shopping, eating in and out

Happy Cow

Find the nearest vegan restaurants and shops.

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Nutrition Facts

The science behind veganism.


Videos and recipes.

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Watch and read


Documentary narrated by Joaquin Phoenix.

Land of Hope and Glory

The hidden truth behind UK animal farming.

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Eternal Treblinka by Ch. Patterson

A thorough study of the origins of human supremacy.

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