3. Expose

Inform the public about what you've discovered - dismantle the 'humane' myth by presenting evidence from your farm visit.

How you plan your project and share your footage is completely up to you.

If this is the first time you’ve organised an activism event it may be hard to know the best way for you to tell people about what you’ve seen at the farm. Watch the short video from Earthling Ed with few quick tips about organising an outreach.

If your interest is in photography then you may wish to tailor your project around gathering footage to share on your social media accounts or website to raise awareness of the plight of the cows being kept there.

If you’re a fan of outreach, why not use your footage and hold a street demo in the local area. Talk to people about what is happening on their doorstep. You may want to show your footage on a device, and engage passers by in conversations about how they feel about what you’ve shown them.

How about holding a stall offering plant milk alternatives to dairy products? Maybe a bake sale showcasing your best dairy-free baking? These are a great opportunity to start conversations with people about what’s happening in their local area while showing them there really are alternatives available.

If you don’t wish to run an outreach event then simply create your project in the style of a vigil for the calves and their mothers. Bearing witness to what they are going through and simply sharing their stories in your own way will give them a voice they dint have before you went there.

If you’re still unsure about how you’d like to organise your project, contact us and we will happily give you further advice.